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Another Partnership

Inner Minnesota Glass Place is proud to announce another partnership with a company right here in St. Paul. St. Paul Best Carpet Cleaners was looking to spruce up their offices with newer windows. They decided against having windows that needed… Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Glass

When you look around the world you can see many beautiful things. Flowers, mountains, waterfalls, clouds, sunsets and unicorns. For us we think there is nothing more beautiful than taking elements of sand and turning it into glass. Taking a… Continue Reading →

Making new partnerships

Sometimes from the places you least expect you will get a partner. Recently in Florida we had a call to bring unique glass to a roofing company at and their home. What an awesome oppotunity! They built a home in… Continue Reading →

Your lungs and glass?

The most amazing part of making glass is the art of blowing. Using your lungs and the picture in your brain to craft your very own piece of glass art. We have seen a rise of studios who offer you… Continue Reading →

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